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This guy/guy is moving at the tender age of 68 into a new zone of private vulnerability. I will be posting more about this soon. For now I have copied in the following since it captures the essence of my new view about my self-alleged bipolaressness. This new view was turned around when my SylBuddy from PortA, she who may be obeyed or listened to!!. To wit SylBuddy upraided me the other day saying that I was not a true sicko pipolar but really a “mood swinger”. And that means just the ‘moods’ you guys for guys out there.

So here is this bit of self-description quoted verbatim (almost, except for the words in ()):

The Purpose of Depression (in my life)

In the psychological state of depression we feel heavy and lifeless, without ambition and creative energy. However, this is an important state (of mind/soul) to experience, because when it happens to us it indicates (if we are the least self-aware) that deeper layers of our personality have been pushed down until they can no longer be reached conventionally. The state of depression indicates that we are out of touch with important parts of ourselves – and when we are contacted by certain authentic friends while in that low state we are offered lightning bolts of clarity about how we got into that state and how we can work our own way out of it.

Often the creative person will experience profound depression before beginning a new piece of work – or stage of progress in self-awareness. This usually happens because the person has overlooked or abandoned his/her contact with important inner creative forces, which have then become buried in the unconscious.

We (I) often feel that our (my) depressed state is based on anger and/or frustration because we have failed to reach our (my) material desires/goals. However, a true sense of self-fulfillment can only be spiritual. The (my) state of depression actually signals an opportunity for a new perspective that will enable us (me) to find new direction and priorities (for myself).

With depression comes the opportunity to reestablish a link with our buried longings so we can pull up repressed information that will become the basis for a personal breakthrough. This is the significance of the tarot symbols of the Tower/inner emprisonment of the soul.

And in case anybody reading this should think that all I have going on in my life is this R&C shit look at this bit I will post in here when I find a way of going it a splendid shot of the Taj M

You can go to my flickr site now for photos that I have uploaded to that collection!!

Oh, lest I forget I must tell the world in this modest way to begin the press about this new thing in my life. I am now in business cahoots (gadzooks!) with Rob Farrow in his main venture CFO 2 GO (, which is located in Vancouver to service all of BC for now and the world within the next 24 months. Just watch us go!! We will be doing paperlessness to small/medium sized business using simple yet effective and up-to-date hardware/sofware to offer rent a chief financiall officer service really going big time in BC, Canada, the Pac Northwest, then the world!!


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2004/05/17 at 04:51

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