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Emma Hart, later Lady Hamilton, in a Straw Hat.

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Let me start by telling whomever reads this that in this just enough malleable world some of us get to pick their given name. My Asian lady friend is one of those people. Her given name in Chinese is Yuan. I suggested to her that since she has blessed me with her own name for me, that I didn’t feel good about her S name and when she told she happened onto it, I suggested that a name change was OK now.

So her new name is Emma. Yes I am a lover of the Volcano Lover – in the Sontag fictional rendering, the bio of Sir Wm Hamilton and various bios of Vice Adm Lord Nelson of Trafalgar. The sonority of that last bit resounds and reverberates in my head.

Yes, this is a warm-up writing session, but it is useful to me. I am blessed because E told me last night that she would come to see me on Sat come rain or shine!!! Hosanna, bravo for me and so on and on and on!!!!

On the business side it looks like I am branching off – and in parallel with CFO 2 GO (Canadian trademark) – into Communications Switching and eventually Voice Processing with SoftSwitch technologies being offered by MS with Live Comm Server and Sharepoint Services. Powerful Stuff. And Jobsey (the Apple/Pixar Emperor) hasn’t an answer for it, nor will he have I expect. So be it!! Business is business and Macs are plain fun!!

I was especially proud of myself yesterday. I sat down with a tech expert and held my own re Comm Switching. He couldn’t buy or even pilot because he administers a sub-net within a national highly secure super net with one way firewalls. But he did give me a short course on how to approach the fed govt and provincial govts with this technology!!

For the first time in my life I slept on a yacht, albeit tied up at moorage, but floating on salt water nonetheless!!

As Coplu tells me all the time, Life is Beautiful!! but if that don’t work for you then this may “illegitimi non est carborundum” or don’t let the buggers do it to you!!!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2004/06/11 at 03:26

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