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The Monsignor dies

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Over the past 3 weeks I have experienced a complete “Au revoir” to Monsignor Prosper Askew. Over that time, I visited with him Thurs Aug 12/04 in his hospital room at Victoria General. That day he responded to my voice, my words about going to China and her picture. He and I held hands and he squeezed mine several times. I hadn’t noticed but he did not have an IV for feeding and that day was distressing for me because it seemed that the nursing station ignored feeding him, more or less.

The next Tues. Aug 17, I revisited to be there for his birthday party. It was cancelled because his condition had become visibly terminal. I met Ira, Matthias and Tod at the Msgr’s bedside and it was obvious that the death vigil had begun. His eyes were wide open and he did not register anything when I tried to speak with him. Not a movement of eyes or right hand. His breath was shallow and rapid. He was dying and did so 5 hrs later that night at about 11PM.

I attended his funeral ceremony and the reception after. The picture below was in the church entry beside the mourners journal. I made a short entry and clicked this pic!

Monsignor’s portrait for funeral Posted by Hello

It was amazing how his funeral gave me the chance of visiting with an old acquaintance who I hadn’t seen since ’97 in Ottawa. Richard Zanoska gave me a ride to the Bus Terminal and we reminisced about Ottawa and Linda Ledbetter. The Monsignor once again was the uniter in the truest kindest sense. For me this was an odd but eloquent testimonial to the value of his presence and life work!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2004/08/26 at 09:53

3 Responses

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  1. I had the honour and privilege of knowing the Monsignor. He was a kind man, full of wonderful tales of the Vatican and his travels. He is missed and thought of often.

    Pam Moser

    2007/08/26 at 08:17

  2. The Monsignor was a good and dear friend.He was my confident and my confessor. I miss my friend. I loved him very much.

    Troy Latimer

    2007/08/29 at 18:17

  3. I was browsing through a thrift store in my hometown of Lancaster, Ontario a few years ago wen my wife pulled out what looked like a promising cookbook. It was called, “Italianissimo, Italian Cooking at its Best” by Pellegrino Artusi. It turned out to be quite an interesting book and I continue to use it regularly. Well, it was inscribed with the curious name of Monsignor Prosper Askew and finally, sitting here late at night in January of 2013 I decided to try to find out who this person was. I’ve been delighted to find that Monsignor Askew was a well-respected and loved community member, no matter where he was. I hope he enjoyed cooking out of this book as much as I do, I think we could have had a lot of fun making a salsa del papa or something or other together.

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