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Aaron Brown: “Truth No Longer Matters… In The Context Of Cable News”… | The Huffington Post

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Aaron Brown: “Truth No Longer Matters… In The Context Of Cable News”… | The Huffington Post:

My goodness!! Doesn’t this sort of say it all.

I told a learned friend last night that for me “truth is in the eye of the beholder“. He then suggested to me that if I claimed that then since I said it then it was probably a “true statement” for me.

All of this discussion does beg the question about “truth” or “truthiness” or what are lies/untruthinesses?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2006/01/28 at 09:16

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  1. what crap! Truth is an objective fact, a black or white issue. This very subject i’m responding to exposes a simple truth. Today, a vast number of people, mostly those who are, or think that they are, the shakers and movers and powers that be Today, are simply overwhelmed by their own selfimportance which truth beknown reflects a total loss of balance. They are by their natures liars, and hypocrites. Nobody who has an ounce of intelligence will listen to them for they have all made themselves irrelevent with the attitude that “Everyone is nice, nobody has wisdom to know truth, their is no right or wrong, only what some selfcentered egotist believes us true, correct, gray! What sophomoric bulldoo. A bunch of LOSERS, with a CAPITAL LOOSE!! Just my two pennies worth.

    Robert P. Dobbins

    2006/08/05 at 07:55

    • Dear Robert D,

      You seem to be missing the whole point. The key word above is “cable news”. IMHO it’s all about pushing around “subjective truth” or as Colbert says it so well “truthiness”! In that world objective facts are targets for their on message darts.

      Robert G.

      BobG in Vancouver

      2009/07/27 at 10:56

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