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The Vatican and St Augustine about science and religion

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An overview of the structure of DNA.
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I wonder how anybody can continue to accept a literal reading of the Bible as the final arbiter about anything in the real universe after reading these thoughts:

We cannot know the innermost secrets of their hearts, but if these conservative intellectuals (Robert Bork, Irving Krystol et al) are indeed carrying out “the duty of the wise,” then they have less faith in their fellow citizens than does the pope. The Vatican, after all, has had occasion to absorb a truth succinctly stated by biologist Paul Gross: “Everybody who has undertaken in the last 300 years to stand against the growth of scientific knowledge has lost.” That lesson has a moral: If Darwinian evolution is scientifically true, then we have no choice but to go forward and build as good a society as we can in the light of this truth.

The Vatican also brings to bear the wisdom of St. Augustine, whose confessed life may be understood as an inquiry into nature and grace. “If we come to read anything in Holy Scripture,” he wrote 16 centuries ago, “that is in keeping with the faith in which we are steeped, capable of several meanings, we must not by obstinately rushing in, so commit ourselves to any one of them that, when perhaps the truth is more thoroughly investigated, it rightly falls to the ground and we with it.”

Contributing Editor Ronald Bailey is a television producer in Washington, D.C.

Googling “origin of the specious” produces a long list of different aspects about the interface between science and religion.

However, I am sure that whatever the Vatican says pro or con there are people out there who will find their own truth.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2006/02/22 at 11:27

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