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Principles of US neoconservatism

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Francis Fukiyama proposes to us that US neoconservatism is based on 4 principles:

– first is “a belief that the internal character of regimes matters;
– second principle—they believe in the use of American power for moral purposes;
– third … “distrust of ambitious social engineering projects; and,
– the fourth element … skepticism about the “effectiveness of international law and institutions to achieve either security or justice.

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld are not neoconservative intellectuals; they are right-wing messianists, and their prosecution of the war has been disastrous for American interests. They globalized a conflict that they should have sought to contain. “We are fighting hot counterinsurgency wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and against the international jihadist movement, that we need to win

Fukuyama writes also:

But conceiving the larger struggle as a global war comparable to the world wars or the Cold War vastly overstates the scope of the problem, suggesting that we are taking on a large part of the Arab and Muslim worlds. Before the Iraq war, we were probably at war with no more than a few thousand people around the world who would consider martyring themselves and causing nihilistic damage to the United States. The scale of the problem has grown because we have unleashed a maelstrom.

A simplistic foreign policy, based on the sense of an ideological struggle between force for good from the US and evil from Islamist cabals in more than one nation state, has bred a world wide threat to US and Western interests. This struggle has also exacerbated the ongoing conflicts between Isreal and the Palestinian ‘state’ supported more or less by other Ismalist powers like Iran.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2006/03/20 at 10:41

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