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Woman’s erotic wisdom or plain twaddle

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Charlotte Rampling
Image by Simon Götz via Flickr

Charlotte Rampling, who for me represents the quintessential carnal Englishwoman on screen, has had her share of personal tumult in her life of a young sixty. Here is what she said to New Yorker during a recent interview:

“Age teaches you to accept that you can’t share your erotic wisdom,” Rampling said. “But on the screen you can open a door to the games and secrets that we hide from each other. Then we’re not all so alone.”

Now a young 70 I have found out that for me, and I can imagine for many other men, it is not too late to enjoy erotic play and the satisfaction of loving a younger woman. And here I am not holding back about my carnal life. Erotic wisdom is however too presumptuous a place for me.

But if any male who reads this is interested I can assure you all that ED is not the natural fate of taking lots of meds, Avalide, Metformin, Lipitor, Tyazac. ED happened to me when I began to accept that the emotional stress I experienced in certain kinds of relationships was too high a price for exposing my vulnerability to another woman “in my life”. Yes, I tried the little blue pill and it didn’t work for me. But caring for a woman and feeling her care for me does work! Healthy emotions beat chemicals and they’re cheaper!

Does that sound like erotic wisdom from the male perspective, or just more twaddle?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2006/07/04 at 08:56

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