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Modern political definitions of the West

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A Ms. Malec is quoted in this morning’s NY Times Front Page as saying on her return to the US by air from Great Britain, “It’s a new way of life”.

I don’t quite understand what these words really refer to; the long wait to get on the plane in Heathrow, no carry-on luggage, new threats to long distance air travel, or just more chaos in her life. Surely the conditions for long haul air travel are really a fraction of most lived life in this Western World.

Or will the NY Times editors have us believe that Ms. Malec’s thought is representative of how we feel today or how we should feel. Focusing on this “war on terror” psychosis just feeds the electoral hopes and plans of right wing politicians, who for some odd reason will have us “dumb” voters believe that they can “guarantee our physical security” better than those awful liberals!

All of these notions are noxious and trivial. Why are they put front and centre by MSM?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2006/08/11 at 06:49

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