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A life cycle plan

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During two days, 9/15 & 16, I participated in a session offered by Nikken to its distributors known as “Humans being More”. The session leader, Ron H, told us that the founder of Nikken thought that most Nikkenites would become discouraged by the challenge of delivering the message and reaping the material benefits from each one’s Nikken business. So he designed and developed HBM as a way of getting new Nikkenites, as well as experienced old hands in the business to conceive a focus for their life’s activities and quite possibly find a better self motivating way of staying the Nikken course, in spite of failure and disappointment which are inevitable in any self-employed enterprise.

The Life Cycle Plan is keyed on 5 Pillars of Health, Body, Mind, Family, Society and Finances. We were coached on articulating our goals within that Nikken framework. I enjoyed the spiritual challenge and I believe that it focused my mind on the very personal challenges I am facing with my life at this time, especially in relation to my partnering with Emma, my wife. I will add more here later!


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2007/09/16 at 21:37

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