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This is a remarkable day in history already!

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Death of a loyalist soldier, 1936.Image via Wikipedia

I was born on this day in 1935 in Barcelona, Spain. At the time of my birth, my parents, siblings and I were all British subjects.

My parents arrived in Barcelona in May 1923 so that my father could begin his appointment as Assistant Branch Manager of the Royal Bank in Barcelona. By the end of July 1936 my mother, siblings and my nanny Pensa Gomez were on our way to Montmagny QC since a bloody civil war broke out in Spain on July 17-18, 1936. Government forces supported by armed workers fought off Nationalist forces led by General Franco and his brother officers of the Spanish Army in Barcelona and Madrid.

It is an interesting coincidence that today some 72 years later the NY Times reports via AP news:

October 8, 2007

Spain Addresses Civil War, Dictatorship

Filed at 1:11 p.m. ET

MADRID, Spain (AP) — Spain took a bold first step toward addressing one of its darkest chapters — carving out an agreement that would honor victims on both sides of the Spanish civil war, and the ensuing rightwing dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco.

There is still work to do before the bill, known as the Historic Memory Law, becomes law, but an agreement reached Monday by lawmakers of the ruling Socialists and several smaller parties was a breakthrough after months of deadlock.

Spain’s 1936-1939 civil war left half a million people dead and pitted brother against brother. But dealing with the war’s atrocities and aftermath has been largely taboo, both in the Franco years and since the country returned to democracy in 1978, with many saying they would prefer not to dredge up painful memories.

That could all be about to change.

Update 10/5/11

Here is a link to a great Slideshare PPT about the history of conflict in Spain before, during and after the Civil War of 1936-39. Another re-visiting of history that affected my life from birth till I was 5 years old and living in Sherbrooke QC with my birth family recently back from the wars in Europe!

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2007/10/08 at 09:31

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