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What is more off-center?

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I found this photo today and tweaked it with HDR effect by Picnik. Is it upside down, or rightside up, or does it matter?

Later on I have been taking a short peek at CNN’s ashen faced reporting about John Edwards finally admitting that he had an affair in 2006. Mickey Kaus and the Enquirer have been unstinting in pointing out that there was something to all the rumors about this anodyne bit of news.

The teen ager prurience of MSM in the US will now flourish for a while. Edwards will, of course, be kept away from the Obama crowning in Denver lest his “sin” mess with the almost too clean image of “the One”. Ho hum!

But what’s more off-center, an odd combination of rightside up/downside down or a sexual pecadillo by a minor US politician, or the mealy mouthed reporting about that tawdry business!

Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/08 at 12:48

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