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A photo of and short bio about Lily Safra

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Lily Safra is the former owner of La Leopolda. I have posted about the recent sale of that property which is reputed to be the most expensive transaction at about $750 million take or leave a million or so. Since that posting garnered several hundred viewers, I thought it would be interesting to post a photo of Lily Safra since they seem to be rare happenings.

Here is the link to a recent Forbes magazine about Lily S

Since that Forbes page is part of a slideshow, be sure to click on the square (in blue) in the upper right of the page to stop the slideshow.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/25 at 06:05

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  1. […] A photo of and short bio about Lily Safra […]

  2. It turns out that Ms Safra is probably still the owner of La Leopolda and about 39 million euros richer since a potential buyer, a Russian “billionaire”, walked away from consummating the purchase of La Leopolda and lost his deposit!

    Some richies get even richer when the “manure hits the fan”!

    BobG in Dalian

    2009/04/10 at 18:05

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