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I posted this image the other day and didn’t know much about its provenance

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The Turning Torso in MalmöImage via Wikipedia

so its fitting that I found a collection, in the latest web version of New Yorker, of building projects architected by the Calatrava, who is described thus:

“In this issue of the magazine, Rebecca Mead writes about the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. “Calatrava has been trained both in architecture and in engineering, but he thinks of himself as an artist, and it is as such that he has been embraced by his most enthusiastic champions,” Mead writes. “His completed structures are instantly recognizable for their use of sculptural forms that draw upon motifs found in the natural world.””

Here is the image:

Birds in Flight_ Online Only_ The New Yorker-1.jpg

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/08/28 at 09:32

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