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This morning I was reading a serious piece of analysis about US policy in Iraq and the story about it being spun by Sen. John McBush, sorry McCain. In reference to the story line used by GWB in his televised appearance in St Paul supporting McCain’s candidacy, the NY Times journalist, David Sanger, writes that “In describing himself and Mr. McCain as like-minded on Iraq, Mr. Bush was rewriting a good deal of modern history.”

For pity’s sake WTF is “rewriting history”? Is that changing the facts or changing his version of the historical record or simply lying before or after or before and after. Why does the MSM let those darned Republicans get away with this verbal legerdemain?

And why do they, McCain cancels his Larry King appearance, strike back whenever one of their less articulate spokespeople are publicly shamed by a conventional anchorperson from CNN during a TV interview about the contentious vetting of Ms. Palin as VP candidate.

And all of this swirling around the political campaign of the so-called “straight talking maverick” from Arizona or a Vietnam prison or whatever is politically convenient this week.

Is “rewriting history” just another version of “straight-talk”? What a load of crapola!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/03 at 08:13

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