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Palin’s speech hits one outta the park!

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If you set aside her sarcastic style using glib talking points. Her speech, with the background noise of the GOP base going more than slightly gaga, did the job. But its content was thin and as some have observed fits with her own pattern of “stretching the truth”. She is another glib politician who tells it like she sees it and gets a pass letting the way she sees it go unchallenged.

But then there are those times that she just avoids the media or investigators:

Sebelius Accuses Palin Of Deceiving Voters.jpg

Since she inserts God into some pretty material issues, like the Iraq War and getting a $30 Billion gas pipeline built in Alaska, she also sounds like another of those white middle-class preachers who puts Godliness along with American exceptionalism and bringing in the $$$.

But the wildest thing of all is the “Straight Talker” McCain may very well be upstaged by his VP pick. He gives terrible speeches and it will be only too obvious how bad he is following her remarkable performance.

But her message like Mitt Romney‘s running against BIG government blithely forgets that the BIG government they are talking about was Reagan’s as well as the Bushes (41 and 43). Sounds to me like another one of those political shell games.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/04 at 08:23

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