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Nasty Little Thoughts album coverImage via Wikipedia

Mostly by chance I surfed into this blog header this morning:

Readerville Journal | I Love My Cover.jpg

I recognized a Wordle and realized that the dirty words were really not so “dirty”. I said immediatly to myself “I can do better than that”. Not much of goal you might think.

After working on my own Wordle of “dirty words”, I thought for a few minutes and wondered if I dared blog it. Then I reread Sussman’s blog and realized that she obviously thinks that the Wordle used for her book cover is some kind of objet trouvé.

So just for the hell of it here’s my “dirty words” Wordle:

Wordle - dirtier words.jpg

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/11 at 08:31

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