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This sad 9/11 memorial day

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U.S. combat...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

A year ago I posted here about my thoughts about this day and what has happened since in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo and beyond across much of this world. That post has gotten 194+ viewers today. A record post viewership for my blog.

I was wondering what a could say today one year later and bumped into this thought in a HuffPost post by Scott Johnson:

But it seems apparent that the real George Bush clone on the GOP ticket this year isn’t Senator McCain–who has, at least, occasionally shown glimmers of competence and of independent thought during his long career. It’s Sarah Palin. And the last thing this country needs in these dangerous times is to be led by yet another insecure, trigger happy, violence-glorifying, glory-seeking, sycophant-surrounding, reckless and rowdy, cynical and apathetic, intellectually mediocre, ideologically inflexible, God-at-my-side frat boy. Or in this case, beauty queen.

Even if she does have, as the dog-waggers in the GOP inner sanctum like to tell us, a compelling story.

It is an especially grim irony for me to consider that at this time in the Presidential Campaign in the US she, the new One, is causing so much upset by her words and hypocritical “distorsions” about her politics and record. Is it possible that such a political animal “with lipstick” is going to skew electoral results in the US this October?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/11 at 10:59

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