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A more vulnerable & human Federer

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Liz Robbins wrote some apt words on Sep 4 about Roger Federer’s very human reactions to unforced errors and clear winners during his quarter final match which he won in 3 tough sets:

But it has been clear for some time — since Federer revealed that he had mononucleosis this past winter — that he is not the same player who barely broke a sweat as he marched to his fourth straight United States Open title last year.

Federer may not say much about his fall from the No. 1 spot, which came six weeks after his epic five-set defeat to Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, or acknowledge any loss of foot speed or confidence.

The only clues he offered Thursday were audible. “Ai-yee!” and “Whoo-hoo!” Federer yelled after unforced errors. And when he set up match point in the third-set tie breaker, he blurted out a jarring “Come on!” before moving on to the semifinals in a Grand Slam tournament for the 18th consecutive time.

“I guess for a while I put my head down in the matches and just tried to keep that unbelievable run I had going instead of trying to disturb myself with, you know, any sort of reactions,” Federer said. “Maybe it’s a time where I can show a little bit more and it comes out.”

His vulnerability has made him more emotional, more human, too.

I wonder if Tiger Woods, who is recovering from his own touch of frail humanity (his bad knees), will return with is own Zen-like focus on championship performance.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/19 at 08:52

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