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“The push to “otherize” Obama”

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That’s the heading of Nick Kristof‘s column in the NY Times this morning. Meanwhile Frank Rich writes about that special technique attributable to GWB and his dark political amenuensis, Karl Rove, TRUTHINESS. But invented by that renowned satirist of weird US political language, Steve Colbert.

Not truth, truthiness or the smallest whiff of truth possible.

A Wordle to McBush and truthiness

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I have just read four columns in the NYT (Kristof, Rich, Dowd, and Friedman) that discuss the worst aspects of political discourse conducted by negative campaigning flacks posing as political advisers, who have either worked under Karl Rove or been paid lobbysts for questionable corporate or foreign interests. Whatta despicable scene.

I understand why Obama from time to time says “ENOUGH, it’s enough!”

I learned this morning that according to Pew 10%+ of the US population, who accept that weird creed of the “Rapture” apparently accept that Obama is the Anti-Christ that Revelation (the black part of the Bible) prophesizes must appear before God-Christ returns to take the priviledged “believers” into Heaven directly.

Sounds like the same kind of message that fanatic Islamists use to persuade suicide bombers and terrorists to do their revolting deeds against “innocent” co-religionists and the Satanic non-Muslims. Sounds and is weird!

It seems to me that it’s time to wake up to the perils of “otherizing” and “truthiness”. We need truth and discussion of the authentic instead of the imagined!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/21 at 06:04

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  1. psh, no comment on the post, just great layout of the blog and design


    2008/09/21 at 19:28

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