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Napoleon is the key search word that brings more viewers to my blog then any other!

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Support the Wall Street Bailout

Image by Comandante Agi via Flickr

This is 2008 with a contentious bailout of Wall Street on everybody’s mind and the forgetable appearance of that political meteorite, Palin. I have posted about Palin several times but they get little attention.

Blog surfers want to hear about an obscure billionaire lady by the name of Safra, an exotic piece of real estate on the French Riviera, Roger Federer and finally they want day in day out to read about Napoleon and view images of him.

And this the post to my blog that gets so much attention!

If I could figure out why blog surfers are so attracted to this post I could get even more blog surfers to hit on by blog!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/09/29 at 13:27

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