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It’s a sad thing when political journalists make very personal comments about leading politicians

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John McCain official photo portrait.

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John McCain used to be treated very favorably by most journalists. Some even said that they liked him as a person playing a highly visible political role. Oh, there were some naysayers as there always are.

But McCain’s recent behavior on the hustings, during the TV debate, during a TV Q&A with the DeMoines Register and now in the Senate Chamber has become perplexing. The words say it all “a small petty man”.

It is sad and revealing how McCain in this ultimate effort to win the big political prize, the Presidency, has slipped into grimness, strident advocacy for himself and his running mate, la Palin, and now some too visible pettiness. It showed up during the debates when he visibly avoided looking at and engaging his opponent in direct dialogue or even direct eye contact.

I will be 73 in a few days and I can relate to feeling less than pleased, some of the time, with what’s happening around me, especially at the bridge table. But how can so public a figure as John McCain behave publicly like a “small and petty man”?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/02 at 06:39

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