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I protest how CBC management has behaved in this case!

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I was upset this morning after reading this article in the NY Times.

Boss Is Not Amused After Columnist’s Humor Brings a Retort From Fox News

What do retorts from Fox News have to do with the posting policies of, a national Canadian web site. So I wrote this email to the CBC Ombudsman this morning:


Why has CBC management removed all links to the Heather Mallick opinion article of Sept 5 about Sarah Palin?

Opinions of all colours are expected wherever freedom of expression is suggested. Omissions or errors in editing are not a sufficient reason to remove an article from the site in my humble opinion.

I don’t particularly care what Ms. Mallick said about Governor Palin. By accepting, without blinking, the invitation to become Senator McCain’s VP running mate, Governor Palin opened the opinion floodgates. In fact, she has been quite loquacious herself on the hustings with her opinions and evasions.

But CBC management, in its craven way, has withdrawn Ms. Mallick’s opinion because it received 300+ complaints from “frothing at the mouth” supporters of Gov. Palin. They have a right to their own opinions but surely CBC management oversteps its role when it cuts links to an article posted on its national web site because of their complaints.

Free expression of opinions should be the basic rule. As a Canadian taxpayer I expect even handed treatment of opinions expressed by Canadians. Shame on you!!!

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Once again a Canadian institution gives in to the bleating complaints of extreme opinion makers in the US. What a shame, what a travesty of freedom of expression!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/06 at 09:02

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