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Gov. Palin “unfairly treated” by MSM!

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Sarah Palin's reacts to Troopergate

Image by earthpro via Flickr

Pew Research is telling us, based on their recent surveys:

But fewer than four-in-ten (38%) say the press has been fair to Sarah Palin. Many more believe the press has been too tough on Palin (38%) than say it has been too easy (21%).

While opinions about Palin coverage are highly partisan, many independents share the view that the press has been too tough on the Alaska governor. Among independents, 41% say the press has been too hard on Palin, 20% say the press has been too easy and 36% say the press has been fair. Republicans overwhelmingly believe the press has been too hard on Palin (63%). Just 7% say the press has been too easy on her. Nearly one-in-five Democrats (18%) agree that coverage of Palin has been too tough.

This from The New Republic is probably an example of unfair treatment:

Unfortunately, as governor of a state with a birth-defect rate that’s twice the national average, and which has the gloomy status as repository of toxic chemicals from around the world, Palin has pursued environmental policies that seem perfectly crafted to swell the ranks of special-needs kids. It’s true that Alaska’s top leaders have placed industry wishes over environmental protection for years. But, instead of correcting this problem, she’s compounded it. Peer into her environmental record, and Palin ends up looking a lot like George W. Bush.

And now Republicans, mostly female TV flacks, are up in arms about the “un-retouched” up close photo of la Palin on Newsweek!

The irony is that negative views of la Palin aren’t limited to the liberal MSM. Here’s a distillation of right wing media negative views about Gov. Palin’s candidacy:

After the nomination, conservative columnists have been very critical of the Palin candidacy. Some have openly distanced themselves from it, such as National Review’s Kathleen Parker, who called on Palin voluntarily to quit the ticket. David Brooks referred to Palin as a “cancer on the Republican Party.” Peggy Noonan was overheard grumbling about the choice as “political bullshit” on an open mike on MSNBC. [George Will] told a gathering of Senate aides that Palin was “obviously not qualified” to be vice president. Former presidential speechwriter David Frum called the choice a gamble and then said he felt it was “disturbing.” Charles Krauthammer called the choice “near suicidal.”

My own views about this political dervish coincide with those expressed by Heather Mallick!

Palin and her Republican keepers have sought maximum but one way public exposure. So they must accept the harvest they have reaped, some good, some bad, much horrible!

And now via Boing Boing here’s what Gov. Palin had to say to the Alaskan Independence Party last year!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/10 at 07:08

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