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More than once, I have wondered what my blog was really about. This morning I clicked into this piece in the Guardian’s web site that explains quite effectively what a lot of my blogging is about.

In a nutshell paragraph, my blogging is about “link blogging”:

That’s why link bloggers like Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, Josh Marshall, and Matt Drudge have become such a powerful force on the web. They understood, even where traditional news orgs did not, the value of bringing their unique perspectives to filtering the web, of having a “linking voice.” They understood the editorial power of the link.”

My posts are about things I find on the wood that catch my fancy and the feelings I experience about these things! My fancies are often about imagery, politics and religion vs. science.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/11 at 08:42

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