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A History of Europe Since 1945 cover

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I am going to read this collection of essays by Tony Judt, who is a recognized international authority on world politics and often an essayist for the NY Review of Books.

Here’s what Stefan Collini wrote about Judt in The Nation:

“The past has nothing of interest to teach us.” That, fears Tony Judt, is the presiding assumption of the early twenty-first century. The speed of social and economic change, the exhaustion of the twentieth century’s dominant ideologies and a desire to put the horrors of that century’s carnage behind us all conspire, he believes, to encourage a culture of forgetting. And this belief frames and justifies his sense of his own role; he appoints himself the Reminder-General in contemporary society (or at least in the United States), a particular version of the historian as public intellectual.

I was born in the 20th century, 1935, Oct 8 to be exact, and my early life was deeply affected by war and family upheavals in Spain 1936 and France 1940. So I relate very much to the objects of Judt’s writerly and professorial interests.

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2008/10/20 at 08:08

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