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“Let Sarah be Sarah” and let the chips fall where they may!

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John McCain being pulled out of Truc Bach Lake...

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After reading a Robert Draper blog post it seems amazing to me that there are still commentators out there who wonder why McCain campaign operatives are still struggling to “manage” la Palin. Why was it considered necessary to do that in the first, and second, place?

McCain, whose body language and facial reactions don’t hide very many of his own doubtful internal reactions to what she says and how she says it on many videos, repeats his mantra that she is great and her record complements his so well. Who is he kidding?

Christopher Hitchens says it so well when he describes her as a ” proud boastful ignoramus”! I would add “singlemindedly ambitious” and unblinking in her readiness to take advantage of all opportunities thrust on her.

For his part I believe McCain is willing to do and say anything to win this election, his last hurrah! But I feel pity for him, especially when I see how physically awkward he is on stage with his own wife. Because of this obvious situation it is sad and ironic that her personal fortune has been the most constant support in his political quest and he can’t even show natural affection for her.

Is this a case of his blind ambition leading him from an awkward connection with his wife to just another one with his VP running mate?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/10/28 at 10:53

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  1. […] Well Chris Hitchens can think what he prefers about la Palin but some GOP right wingers disagree completely with his bleak assessment of her. Here’s a sample from an NY Times article: Despite all the criticism, she has many supporters among Republicans who see her as bright, tough and a star in a party with relatively few on the horizon. […]

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