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The 20th Century civil war in Spain that doesn’t go away

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Death of a loyalist soldier, 1936

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It is a fact that I was born in Barcelona, Oct 8, 1935. By August 1936 my mother, older sister and brother and my nanny ended up in Montmagny QC to live with my uncle Raymond and aunt Marguerite, who was my mother’s sister.

My very young life changed abruptly in July 1936 because of the Spanish Civil War. I ignored just about everything about that war until I retired in 2001 and began the process of learning about what had happened in Spain that led to that civil war and what happened during the war between 1936 and 1939.

Authorities in Spain have been dealing with requests to review what happened during the war and in the 40 some years after it during the reign of Franco, Spain’s last dictator and leader of the rebels who beat and replaced the ruling government of Spain in 1939.

This week another legal “shoe dropped” in Spain:

Judge Orders Investigation of Executions in Franco Era -

Now they are opening graves, including the mass grave that is supposed to include the remains of Federico Gabriel Lorca.

How and when will this public regurgitation of that horrible past history end?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/02 at 06:15

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