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Doing biological science these days

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The concept of irreducible complexity was popu...

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If I get it, doing biology today involves evolving to an understanding of greater and greater complexity. To quote Nathalie Angier in NYT’s Science Times:

“We have evolved to solve problems,” Dr. Keller said. “Those do not include an understanding of the operation of our own systems — that doesn’t have much evolutionary advantage.” It’s quite possible, she said, that biology is “irreducibly complex,” and not entirely accessible to rational analysis.

Which is not to say we’re anywhere near being stymied, she said: “Our biology is stretching our minds. It’s another loop in the evolutionary process.” And if canonical genes are too thin a gruel to explain yourself to yourself, you can always reach for the stalwart of scapegoats. Blame it all on your mother, who surely loved you too much or too little or in all the wrong ways.

When does the reality of this kind of complexity lead to the argument for Intelligent Design for those who prefer a simple explanation to the complicated reality of what things are about in this Universe.

Is God the source of all this complexity?

And it’s not just about our DNA. Now our RNA is an active part of animal biology. Click here for more, much more.

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