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The first full interview of Pres-Elect Obama and Mrs. Obama

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It was on the CBS Sunday night TV stalwart “60 Minutes“. The interview was done by Steve Croft in Chicago. Apart from the usual program ending contribution by Andy Rooney, it was Croft and Barack and then Croft, Barack and Michelle.

I was so fascinated with the quality of the exchanges between Croft and his guests. It’s rare and moving to see and hear two sane politicians, and that is not an oxymoron in this case, responding to direct questions as well, as openly and credibly, even though guardedly, about the process of transitioning into the most powerful political office in the world.

Croft, Barack and Michelle gave the impression that they were engaged in a careful word dance between three people that respected each other and their words. Barack and Michelle left little doubt about the openess and closeness of their emotional and mental connection. It was a tour de force performance by all three, a rare event on public TV dealing with US politics!

The interview was a very fitting way station on this journey into political power. Watching it gave me happy goose bumbs, unlike the sinking feeling I always get when I see and hear McCain and his wife Cindy.

Dave Winer weighs in with choice video parts of the interview!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/17 at 04:00

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