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You can say what you want about the NY Times, but …

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through good times and bad it offers us much cogent commentary. In the midst of the present Obamania, today it published this editorial contribution. Here is the last paragraph of that contribution:

There is little doubt that Abraham Lincoln was a great president. But not much of what made him great can be discerned in his appointment of a contentious, envious and often dysfunctional collection of prima donnas to his cabinet.

Haaah, did you, like I did, get the refreshing feeling coming from a contrarian view amidst all the hot hype about Obama’s supposed deference to the “political genius of Lincoln”. The rest of the Haaah comes from the outrush of air from all the gasbaggery going on these days about Lincoln and Obama.


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/20 at 03:52

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