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there are a few things I dearly love. In one case I haven’t been to one much lately since there are no affordable ones in Vancouver, the French bistro with its characteristic walnut finishings and great red wine. The other is the NY Times.

Both of these artifacts of civility and my version of the good life are suffering. Both are losing business at alarming rates and both institutions are in peril of becoming non-existent and that saddens me in anticipating their real life demise.

As for the bistro in France, click here to read the NY Times piece about that sad situation with a closing of 2 of them every during these financially troubled times. Over 80% of the 200,000 of them that did business in 1960 have disappeared since.

The NY Times does not report much about the financial situation of the holding company or its main newspaper holdings, but the news in the blogosphere and in other news agencies is especially sad. The Grey Lady faces financial burnout by the middle of next year. It has ended dividend payouts and has apparently been shopping some of its media assets to gain cash for financial survival. What the H will I do if she disappears too!

This is not a pretty sight and I truly regret that all those Wall Street jerks and downright thieves have brought us to this unpretty pass! No doubt I’ll survive but some essence of the good life will be drained from my spirit. How much of that kind of loss will I be able to deal with before I decide that it’s enough? But I have no plans for an online suicide ever!

City of Vancouver

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/23 at 05:14

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