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Oscar Wilde in his favourite coat. New York.

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all the TV and celebrity fuss about J. Aniston. Too me she is ordinary looking, ordinary acting and just a crashing all around bore. The photo spread in this NY Times piece brings out for me the whole trivial ordinariness of this “megastar”. Enough Jenny stuff, already!

Photo enhancement and touchups, muted tones, et al and the result is ORDINARY Jane, for my taste.


I was amused to read this comment about Jen A in the Daily Beast this morning:


I’ve never gotten the appeal personally. She was my least favorite character on Friends. She always annoyed me with how self-absorbed she was. (And Ross was right — they WERE on a break!) And she’s entirely “constructed” (i.e. if you like how she looks, credit her doctors). So I guess if you like a plastic surgery junkie self-absorbed “America’s sweetheart” she’s got you covered…

Well I never watched Friends and never felt that I missed anything. But I have seen one Jen A movie, something about “good girl” or something about a young married woman living a drab existence. But IMHO Civitas tags Jen A very well above. And I’m not surprised about the cosmetic surgery aside. A typical American blonde of indeterminate age suffering from advanced self-absorption symptoms!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/23 at 05:44

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