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Bush 43 sure fuc..d it up!

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U.S. President George ...

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And here are the words of Elizabeth Drew, a steely Washington journalist, that describe why the last 8 years have felt so dark:

Obama’s thrilling election—something not long ago many wise heads said wasn’t possible—also made more imminent the prospect that the dark night of the worst administration in history was ending. The American people had overwhelmingly rejected the Bush regime’s stupidity, cupidity, its wars, its lies, its torturing and its secrecy, its ineptitude and its power grab that threatened constitutional government. The relief was palpable. Washingtonians were simply smiling as they hadn’t in years. Something new was coming, and it was to be looked forward to. People felt cleansed.

If it’s the “thought that counts” then these thoughts get my vote for the most unequivocal concerning GWB’s real life legacy!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/25 at 08:21

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