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Our excuse for a PM is working his mealy mouthed politics, again!

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Here’s a sample of his weasaling doubletalk clipped from CBC:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has temporarily stymied a Liberal plan to bring down the government and propose a governing coalition with the New Democrats, delaying the opportunity for a no-confidence vote by one week.

In an address delivered from the foyer of the House of Commons on Friday, Harper said the government should be empowered by Canadians — not through deals negotiated in the shadowy halls of Parliament.

“While we have been working on the economy, the opposition has been working on a backroom deal to overturn the results of the last election without seeking the consent of voters. They want to take power, not earn it,” Harper said.

I will say this for him, he’s a brazen prevaricator! It is a crying shame that we have his style of politics at such a critical time National and International politics.


Where oh where is the Canadian Obama? Somehow I don’t think that Iggy, Bob Rae, Jack Layton or Gilles Duceppe makes it!

UPDATE 11/29:

It’s 2 days later and Harper has lived up to his craven approach to politics. He is backing off. The opposition parties will continue to receive their subsidies from the Fed govt.

His assistant prevaricator Min. Baird (since Min of Finance can’t say anything right now!!!!) tells us that this should become a subject of debate during the next election. That’s a laugh. They weren’t able to sneak it through so let’s debate it openly at the next election.

I trust that honorable Canadian voters will throw the lying conniving bums out of office at the next turn to vote!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/11/29 at 04:10

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