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I have thought about suicide a few times …

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Oh, not as something I felt I must do, but rather as an alternative to whatever existential angst was perched on my shoulder at the time. I am a mild bi-polar. At this time I am enjoying a light manic cycle, a bit out of season for me, but I feel some grandiosity, I feel like spending, I am more talkative than usual, like much more.

I don’t or I don’t think that I, crash from a high to a low with a sickening thud. It’s sort  of gradual. So I can’t say that suicide came into my thoughts as a result of psychic depression, like it did to David Foster Wallace.

So I am going to read more by and about him. I remember loving his essay about Roger Federer’s obvious and so natural seeming dominance of Men’s ATP. Great writing and clear emotional communication. He had played some competitive tennis himself and understood how difficult it was to play like Roger!

This morning  I read this about DFW in the New Statesman online:

An American suicide

Jonathan Derbyshire

Published 27 November 2008

There was no subject which David Foster Wallace could not write about. He was a hero to a generation. But struggled terribly with depression. This summer, he took his own life

The outpouring of public grief for Wallace, much of it on the internet, was striking

On the evening of 20 October this year a memorial service was held at Amherst College, Massachusetts, for the writer David Foster Wallace. Wallace, who graduated from Amherst in 1985, had hanged himself the previous month at his home in California. He was 46.

So that’s my starting point. I will likely blog about the better insights I get about him, myself and why men consider suicide as I pursue my study of DFW and his too short life.


Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/03 at 07:58

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