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I stayed in this Zermatt hotel in 1984

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Hotel Walliserhof at Zermatt, Switzerland.jpg

This morning, I relived a one night stay at this hotel during a 3 day visit on both sides of Matterhorn in April 1984. My base was the Italian side where I had left my rented Panda in the Alto Cielo. So I got to try out a hotel on the Italian and Swiss side. I had booked the Walliserhof in before leaving Montreal.

At the time I was working for Memorex Canada and I was going to the 100% club in Rome. The deal was that the company paid for a business class ticket which we could change to suit our own departure and return cities without cost by downgrading to tourist class. I left Montreal for Rome and booked a return from the Milan airport. I took the train from Rome to Florence and stayed 2 nights there. Then I trained to Milan and rented the Panda to make my way to Cervinia. On the first day I skied the Italian side until noon time. Then got to the summit of the ski hill and skied down the Swiss side, stopping for a great lunch on the way down.

2003_08 - Milan & Florence - 21
Image by Cedoch via Flickr

I overnighted at the Walliserhof. I was amazed the next morning when I got to the ski lift since it was completely automated. There were no attendants visible. At the top of the mountain I had to walk about 250 m thru a snow shed. At 10k m altitude I was breathing heavily by the time I got to the end of the tunnel. I felt my way down the first 1000 m of the slope.

My main conclusion was that the Italian side was very dirty and the Swiss were clean, red cheeked and very correct. The Italians were human and very unautomated.

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