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I’m not convinced that I’ve turned the page on a bad biz record. But I am still trying to make a go of this opportunity to do business in and with our China contacts.

I have accepted the idea that E will live here in Vancouver if I think there is something to be done in Dalian with Hodge, Stone et al after Jan 30, ’09. I sense that this is the time to do something with Hodge, Tertia, English Support Services, Student Ex et al and if it is to be then it is up to me.

I am having second thoughts about continuing this posting. But I realize that I should mark this point in the rest of my time here.

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Nobody else is going to do it. This may sound cryptic to my blog viewers, but I think it is the time to tell them, the world and myself, that I should put my energy into what seems to me to be an opportunity in China, Dalian et al.

There are three biz elements that I should get serious about: English Support Services including being an agent in Dalian for Tertia+ software, looking more positively into Hodge Zhou’s platform and need for VC, Student Exchange. Now is the time. In the short term I probably can generate some revenue from private teaching or teaching in Stone’s private school. E will stay in Vancouver while I work on these opportunities with the help of Mark/Eva et al. E accepts that and even suggests it.

I don’t know whether this posting makes any sense to others! But that doesn’t matter to me now. This is simply a way of using this blog as a sounding board, which may respond, or not, and that doesn’t matter.

This is a new prospective which E talked about this morning. Her goal is to use my time the best way possible to increase our income. We could do it with the Resident Manager thingee, but she realizes that I am not enthusiastic about that possibility.

If I can do even a modest biz thing in Dalian then that is more encouraging to her than anything that we can do in Vancouver. She misses her friends and feels the weight of helping her mother and father, but she can’t do anything about the latter here in Vancouver beyond telephone calls. If we can make the income switch to Dalian that will satisfy more than one of her psychic needs or that’s what she says.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/06 at 21:25

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