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Dec 5 was the 75th anniversary of Repeal in the US

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Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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I count on the NY Times to provide me with the news of the day, as well as reminders of past news that could be significant today. In these parlous economic times, what can be more soothing than one or two or … stiff drinks. Here is a reminder from NY Times:

Although there’s a general trend towards permitting drinking and a number of previously arid locations have gone under — including the gloriously named Slippery Rock in Pennsylvania, which had been alcohol-free since its foundation by Zebulon Cooper in 1798 — the anniversary of repeal should perhaps be celebrated not with cocktails, but, following the example of H.L. Mencken, with a glass of some alcohol-free fluid, preferably someplace where you’d rather be drinking something stronger — to remind you of how pleasant, indeed life-enhancing alcohol can be, and to sympathize with the people who used to be dry and those who still are.

For hooch has the power to inspire, to console, to make celebrations brighter, and hard times more bearable. In the words of the Roman poet Horace, drink “unlocks secrets, bids hopes be fulfilled, thrusts the coward onto the battle-field, takes the load from anxious hearts. The flowing bowl — whom has it not made eloquent? Whom has it not made free even amidst pinching poverty?”

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/08 at 08:51

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