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I have a semi-hidden “thing” for pictures of female cleavage!

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Estes and Bettie
Image by curiousyellow via Flickr

So please imagine for a short minute the neat roundness of this signature:

I imagine that you are like I was when I recently read that Bettie Page, the first “bikini model” had died. Who was that?

So when I saw the latest piece about Bettie that offered the digitized signature, how could I not clip it into here.

Now who is that guy in the campy squirrel tail head covering?

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/19 at 07:32

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  1. […] I have a semi-hidden love for pictures of female cleavage! Posted in better health, choices, culture, living, the news, writings. Tags: Bettie Page, Bikini, Health, Jean Vanier, Sexual revolution, Television. […]

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