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Snow Patrol on stage in Vancouver
Image by Jeffery Simpson via Flickr

To all you lovers of Napoleon & Industrial Warfare et al, things have definitely slowed down in my part of Vancouver, BC. Lotsa snow on the ground now and more coming!


A sample of what it was like last night at our housing coop!

There’s a solid few inches on all our less travelled city streets and that will remain until rain falls.

It’s very nice actually because the temp is just around the Centigrade freezing level. Last night I went for a walk in the neighbourhood with the assistance of old ski poles, the snow was that deep since all sidewalks were only cleared by the housing coops or gated communities. But it was fun and gave me with the ski poles the sense that I was making my way thru snow drifts in the “wild”!

SO TO ONE and ALL, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON whatever happens to you and yours!

Vancouver Public Library
Image via Wikipedia
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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/22 at 07:06

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