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another and another. I was fooling around with my blog post about how my birth family “escaped by sea” from southwestern France in late June 1940. I clicked on a google map and glimpsed the Gironde Estuary and stuff farther south and east. Soon I was looking at this map cut:

Path Finder-11.jpg

and recalling my visit to Bordeaux in 1990 something or other. I have lots of pics of cruising the lower parts of a part of the lower Gironde and getting a water side view of lots of small castles, or wine chateaux in the Ste-Emilion area. Then a visit by bus to a smaller winery across from the better known and tonier Cheval Blanc winery.

Some memories are nice to review in my mind’s eye.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/29 at 08:46

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