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Jean Vanier, the Order of Canada, Dr. Morgantaler and abortion

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Order of Canada inductees at Rideau Hall
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I have felt more touched in my agnostic‘s soul by a series of articles in the Globe and Mail about Jean Vanier than anything that has happened to me since I met Emma, my wife some 4+ years ago.

I will return to these writings because I feel they describe authentically how a truly moral man deals with life and the justifiable celebrity he gets from his contribution to making life so much better for the more vulnerable among us.

Here is Jean Vanier with the author of one of those articles:

Path Finder.jpg

It is difficult to explain the feeling I get after reading about Mr. Vanier. It is a mix of envy, admiration, love for his simple generosity, and a bit of teariness when I think of the admirable life he has lived.

But most of all I feel the authenticity of his words about abortion and how he decided to keep his Order of Canada when all the eminent hypocrites gave theirs back with loud public protest because the Gov Gen awarded the Order of Canada to Dr. Morgantaler.

Dr. Morgantaler is not the kind of man that Jean Vanier is in most ways, except for one. Morgantaler cared for his patients and practiced ‘good medicine’ by doing clinical abortions for women who decided that was a better outcome for them. Jean Vanier obviously cares for the most vulnerable in our society.

I can’t say as much for all those public anti-abortionists, who do their best to make political gain from a not very nice human condition. May they lose, rather than gain, from their less then moral actions

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2008/12/30 at 05:51

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