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Since I am going into the latter 2/3rds of my 74th year

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and heading off to spend several months in China I have been thinking about my physical condition and general health. I would love to say that I stopped taking my meds, but I can’t say that.

What I can say is that I have no aches or pains anywhere in my body. My digestion and bowel movement are regular without any special fiber intake and I feel no discomfort. I can walk for 3 kilometers in 30 minutes without feeling winded or weakened. I haven’t had a cold, grippe or the flu for about 2 years. In fact, I don’t even get the sniffles.

My mind is alert and I am full of energy. In fact, I have no qualms healthwise about spending several months of the year in China to build my business interests. And here in Vancouver I ride my bike regularly on city streets and up some stiff hills for as much as two hours at regular speeds.

I expect you wonder what gives me this robust physical and mental condition. Mostly its magnets in my insoles, on top of my mattress and in the thin duvet that covers me during the night. It’s also some of the best tasting water I have ever consumed, pi mag water. And finally it’s an exceptional air cleaner.


Yes I bought all these items at the same place. And some of you probably already know, or you have guessed, who I bought them from. If you are interested I’ll be happy to advise you. Just send me an email ===>

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/09 at 16:48

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  1. You’ll be fine. You might find the poor air quality affects you somewhat, but that’s nothing related to you – no-one can escape that – unless you do in fact have iron lungs.

    Fitness usually improves as a result of walking around there anyway – not that public transport is hard to come across – I sorely miss the amount of taxi’s and busses now I am back home.

    The water quality leaves a lot to be desired however – both taste AND feel. The water feels hard…when you shower, it doesn’t feel overly clean – it is clean i suppose(well it’s not brown) – it just feels different. You forget that and get pretty used to it quickly, but man, don’t you go drinking it in the shower!

    And you live off water bottles 24/7. They’re cheap and varied and i found most fine but some had a lesser taste than others – such as Nongfu Springs…never did overly care for that, but during the summer months…any water or as they call it shui – is a winner.


    2009/01/09 at 19:16

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