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The Danwei Crew
Image by sinosplice via Flickr

I see a great example of this with Rebecca McKinnon’s latest hot topic – China ‘Net nanny shuts down

This AM I read this at ESWN:

Section 2 of 3:  Brief comments

[Permalink]  An Even Better Example of Zheteng (01/10/2008)  In Comment 200901a#018, I proposed that the apparently untranslatable Chinese term zheteng (折腾) contains three factors: (1) it serves no real purpose; (2) it achieves no real effects; (3) it causes physical and mental anguish among those involved.  There is now a good example with the shutdown of the Chinese blog (see Danwei).

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/10 at 08:21

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