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German occupiers enjoying a Paris sidewalk café experience in late 1940

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The photo below was clipped from a review article in WSJ. The photo is attributed to AP Photo by WSJ.

Here is a clip of the book cover mentioned in the review:

Collaborative Artists -

The Associated Press Building in New York City...
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The image of quiet enjoyment is clear and quite candid evidence of how German occupiers and at least some Parisians encountered each other once a sense of normality returned to Parisians in late 1940.

Obviously this picture is evidence that it didn’t take long for Paris to give an appearance of living agreeably enough with their occupiers after the great Parisian exodus in May and June 1940.

Collaborative Artists -

Meanwhile in the Quartier Montmartre the ordinary German soldier enjoyed a more down to earth version of Paris cafés:

Collaborative Artists -

Collaboration with the German enemy was on during the first months of the 6 year Occupation of France. The Resistance came later!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/11 at 23:08

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