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I find all this racist stuff about Prince Harry irritating and whiney junk!

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Image by MATEUS_27:24&25 via Flickr

What the H is going on with all the victim talk coming like knee jerk PCism when Prince H uses the Paki and raghead word? Get a life, get a job or get serious?

In the realm of victim crime this is petty stuff! What about what the Hamas and Hezbollah leadership is doing victimizing the children of their victim members in Gaza? Now that’s dirty and serious stuff.

But all the PC press can see or yak about it is the disproportionate number of casualties between Israelis and Gazans and blame endlessly Israel and their military. Did any of you weeping teeth gnashing yahoos ever consider that dead Gazan children could be part of deliberate tactics of Hamas in the broader struggle for the appearance of victory in spite of “cruel and heartless killing wrought by Israeli military?

Really thing about it. It’s really a battle and war of appearances turning up on MSM video, text and TV punditry being run over the very long term for the day by day consumption of Western PCites!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/01/12 at 06:43

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