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A year ago it was Raf and Roger. Now it’s Raf, Roger or Andy

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Andy Murray
Image by nicolericasata via Flickr

This quote from an NY Times article explains what has happened in Grand Slam Tennis matches:

Rafael Nadal is no longer the only hobgoblin in Roger Federer’s closet. Andy Murray has taken up residence after extending his winning streak over Federer, the former master of men’s tennis, to four consecutive matches.

. . .

Federer sat atop the world rankings for a record 237 consecutive weeks until his inability to beat Nadal bumped him to No. 2 in August. Nadal is 13-6 against Federer. But Murray is now 6-2, including those four consecutive victories since October. The assumption that Nadal and Federer will play for the championship of any important tournament no longer seems inevitable.

But Julian Barnes has written “There is nothing to be frightened of“. So take heart Roger, you are human  and you can be beaten on any given day, after all.

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/03/29 at 04:47

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  1. I still believes that Roger will fight back. When it will matter more Roger will defeat Murray.


    2009/03/29 at 10:40

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