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Our PM will even stiffle free speech to serve his own political ends

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And here is Heather Mallick‘s take on it, which seems to cover it pretty well:

Because of these experiences, I have learned to distrust anyone who uses the phrase free speech as a weapon to attack others. They want speech to be free when it is theirs alone.

Free speech is no longer a cause. It is a weapon used against those who wish to speak by those who don’t wish to let others hear it.

I wish to hear Galloway speak and not only because he speaks so well. I am ashamed of what this country is turning into, a humourless place that celebrates unreason and the subtraction of ancient freedoms.

The Galloway that Heather is referring to is George Galloway and the enemies of free speech are our PM and his Jewish Canadian political supporters! A pox on them!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/03/31 at 07:20

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