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Most expensive real estate!!!

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City of Beverly Hills, California
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When will the last word be printed about “most expensive real estate”? In this age of wholesale foreclosures and crashing housing prices, you could expect that there wouldn’t be much to say about most expensive. Well in this cockeyed world you would be wrong!

Here is a quote from NY Times:

By all accounts, the $150 million price tag makes The Manor “the most expensive property in the United States.” Coincidentally, singer Mariah Carey reportedly made an offer on a Beverly Hills chateau-style estate which had been listed at $125 million (€94.1 million), which supposedly made it the “most expensive.” Of course, neither compares to the €500 million (about $656 million) price tag that has been reported for Villa Leopolda, Lily Safra’s estate on the French Riviera.

And I thought Villa Leopolda was sold and no longer owned by Lily Safra! But that just shows again how much I don’t and probably will never really know about such an esoteric subject!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/04/01 at 09:45

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