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Have you ever wondered what a real estate development looks like in China, Dalian?

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So here are a few images taken a few days ago in the Kaifaqu Development Zone. This is where Intel is building a billion dollar semiconductor Fab plant, which should be on stream by this time next year, 2010.

A scale model of the real estate site:


That’s Todd Embley, a guy from Vancouver who is president of Kelton Business Services, a PR firm in Dalian, with the mike.

The image was snapped in a viewing center smack dab in the middle of an industrial area but right next to the LRT line that services this part of Greater Dalian.

This is part of the construction site, where they are assembling a “beach”!


and this is the view overlooking the water at the site:


Not exactly a normal beach, huhhh! But that is what it’s billed as!

Here’s the logo of the development company in case you are considering any of their real estate investments in Greater Dalian:


The project itself is named World View and is touted as “breathtakingly modern”. Go figure! Oh, it’s China “where the world is their oyster” or so they believe, the real estate developers that is!

Do my words sound cynical? Ok so they do but then what choice do I really have? Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out who the more crass promoter is!

But I have to say that I met some charming people during this visit and viewing!

Oh, in case you are wondering about the Intel semiconductor fab plant in Kaifaqu, I met the site Project Manager the night after this visit at an ultra expensive restaurant in Dalian and a complete coincidence I must say. He assured me that construction was on schedule and he expected that the fab plant would go on stream on schedule!

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Written by BobG in Dalian & Vancouver

2009/04/03 at 11:24

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